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Unleash the power of your people

In enterprise, your people are precious partners. We’ll help you to invest wisely in their welfare, for now and for the future – so they can grow with your business and together you enjoy achieving your goals.

How we do it

Success starts by creating a culture where everyone feels valued. That means different things to different people, at different times in their lives. We’ll help you build a benefits package that makes a tangible difference to your people, understanding what matters most to them. We help your people to become passionate about the pension and benefits you provide, so they truly appreciate and enjoy your investment in them.

As well as a pension, it might include private medical care, life assurance, income protection, childcare vouchers, gym membership, cycling to work, … or something completely different.

We’ll create a unique scheme - so that your team can make the most of their lives.

Together we’ll create a culture of recognition – and unleash the power of your people.

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For your team


Educated - a better understanding improves outcomes


Cared for Team - protected from financial uncertainties


On Track - a team better equipped for retirement


Health & Wellbeing - speedy access to medical professionals

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For your business


Attract - easier to attract great talent


Retain - great people stay for longer


Health & Wellbeing - productive team


Get on with your Business - we take care of your benefits

Tailor-made support

Change is a constant. Our support and approach will evolve with you – but it will always be underpinned by our values and frameworks developed over 30 years. These include:

Engaging your employees – By making your people passionate about the benefits you provide, they will truly appreciate and value your investment in them. To achieve this, boosst has created a seven-step programme – from understanding their aspirations to celebrating their successes.

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    Step 1 - Discovery Conversation
    We will explore your businesses journey to date and discuss our services so that we can establish whether we like each other. As long as we both feel that our services will add more value than our fees, we will help you decide which of our Corporate Client services is best for you.
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    Step 2 - Objective Setting
    We establish your objectives and identify the budget available to achieve them. We get to know your business and your key people whilst undertaking a full harvest of all relevant information.
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    Step 3 - Analysis
    Having obtained information about your resources from 3rd parties we undertake analysis to build an accurate picture of your current situation.
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    Step 4 - Develop and Implement
    Our recommendations will put your employee rewards on track to deliver your objectives.
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    Step 5 - Employee Rewards Launch
    We present to your team and conduct 1 to 1 meetings so that all staff fully understand the benefits to them of the rewards package. During 1 to 1 meetings we take care of all paperwork.
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    Step 6 - Service
    We liaise with your HR, Finance and Payroll personnel on a monthly basis so as to ensure smooth running of your company benefits and handle employee queries that arise - this alone can save your people hours and in turn your business more than our fees.
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    Step 7 - Ongoing Review Meetings
    We visit your business every year, present to all staff and have 1 to 1 meetings so as to provide individual advice to members should you like us to. This part of our service makes a real difference as we are effectively delivering knowledge and expertise usually only made available to our Individual clients.

Striving for the best – we’ll work relentlessly to give you and your people the best possible advantage, whether that’s sourcing new and innovative benefits, keeping ahead of changes in legislation, or negotiating better arrangements with suppliers.

Putting people in control – when you have a say in how your money’s invested, and then watch it grow, pensions are much more interesting. We’ll advise each member of your team to ensure they maximise the benefits that you provide – from appetite for risk to individual tastes and expectations.

Your team will have access to:

boosst portfolios: Access to our portfolios, benefitting from our investment philosophy and current thinking. We present and explain our range of portfolios and educate

DIY: The option to build their own portfolios, if they feel confident to do so.

Default fund: A one-stop solution available for those that don’t want to engage with their pension

Expert and efficient support

Expert investment advice, dedicated personal service, efficient administration, easy to measure outcomes – boosst offers total support for your pension and benefits programme.

Our goal is to provide you and your people with the best, most seamless, most transparent and least demanding pension and benefits package available. We want you and your team to be free to focus on running and growing your business.

boosst is a family company with very experienced leaders and a 30-year heritage of supporting successful enterprises.

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